Travel Medicine

“The world is your oyster.”William Shakespeare

Global Travel is an ever-increasing reality for many people and along with it comes the risk of diseases that we normally would not be at risk to locally. Upon careful review of your itinerary, Dr. Rheault with certification in Travel Medicine by the International Society of Travel Medicine, will provide you with tailored regime of preventative medicines and vaccines for worry free travel.

Armed with the latest information available we can inform you which vaccines are common, recommended or even required for your upcoming trip.

NuvoSante Medical Centre is a full-service Travel Medicine Clinic which provides a complete range of vaccines and medications to protect you against a variety of diseases.

NuvoSante Medical Centre is also a designated Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am just going to the Carribean’s surely, I don’t need travel advice?

This unfortunately is a common misconception, however many trip have been ruined due to diseases that could have been prevented such as traveler’s diarrhea, typhoid or even Hepatitis.

I have traveled before without any problems. Do I really need Travel Advice?

Many trips and holidays can be uneventful however one can never be assured that they have all the necessary information to make certain they are fully protected for their upcoming trip.  A consultation with a Travel Medicine consultant can unveil some concerns that you never knew existed before.

My travel agent told me all that I needed to know, do I need a Travel Consultation?

Although Travel agents are indeed very knowledgeable resources that unfortunately cannot provide you with proper medications or immunizations for your trip.

How long before my trip should I book a consultation?

Once your trip details have been confirmed you should book immediately to discuss your options and plan an immunization schedule if they are required. Ideally you like to book at least 6 weeks before your planned departure, however last-minute consultations are also available.

Are all these vaccines expensive?

The cost of vaccines and medications can be quite low for simple holidays while other trips with exotic destinations and multiple stops can be more costly. These costs should be viewed more as an investment in your health and are a fraction of your total cost of your trip. How much do you value your health is probably a more appropriate question to ask.