Allergy Medicine

A few years back Dr. Rheault saw a need in his community for allergy services and he therefore in 2016 he decided to expand his practice to include Allergy Medicine. He has done extensive education and training allowing to obtain his GP-Allergist designation in the fall of 2020. His focus is mainly on respiratory allergy which includes allergic rhinitis in adults only.

Allergy Medicine is evolving and traditionally we associated allergy treatments to “allergy shots”.  Dr. Rheault has focused his attention to sublingual immunotherapy as part of his training as a viable alternative without the inconvenience of shots. Over the last several years there have been numerous new products available to allergy suffers to treat their allergies with tablets.

Dr. Rheault will complete your allergy testing, potentially a FeNO test to look at your airway inflammation and where appropriate prescribe you a treatment plan for sublingual immunotherapy.

Unfortunately, we do not do food allergy or pediatric testing. 

Physician referral is necessary for an appointment.