Medical Services

Nuvosante offers it’s patients a wide variety of Medical  Services.

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After Hours Care

42 physician members
2 physician assistant’s to provide care
EXCLUSIVE access to our patients
Not for profit clinic
Timely reports to your family physician
Mon-Fri 9am-8pm.

1485 Bancroft Dr, Sudbury

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Family Medicine

Pediatric/Adolescent Care
Adult Care
Care of the Elderly
Preventative Care:
Cancer Screening

Immunizations Icon


Pediatric immunization schedule
Influenza/Pneumonia Vaccination Program
Non-Routine Vaccines:
Shingrix (OHIP covered for 65-71 yo otherwise available for purchase in office)
Prevnar 13 for pneumonia (not OHIP covered)
Travel Vaccines (not OHIP covered)


Third Party Medicals

Driver’s Medicals (Class A,B,D,F,G,Z)
WSIB Medicals
Independent Medical Exams
Film Industry Medical Exams

Medical Trainees

Medical Students

Uninsured Services

Simple Forms
Employment Notes
Licensing Forms
Insurance Certificates
Life/Health Insurance Assessments and Reports
Office Procedures
Non-cancerous moles

* Patients are responsible for payment on services not covered by OHIP.